Ten Thoughts on Leadership

With all that is going on in the world, our nation, in our communities, and in our facilities, there is a great deal of discussion around the need for leadership.  The term is used often and may not be clearly understood by all.  This misunderstanding may be a big part of the underlying problems we face on many levels.  Whether we are dealing with a national crisis or resolving an issue with a small work team, here are ten basic concepts on leadership that should be considered:

1.  Leaders are motivated by a sincere desire to seek the collective best interest of those being led; not a self focused, self serving agenda.

2.  Leaders create a clear vision and path to success; not an uncertain future full of doubt.

3.  Leaders make decisions based on what followers need and need to hear; not what followers want nor want to hear.

4.  Leaders continually look to improve situations and remove obstacles; not be comfortable with status quo or waiting for problems to surface.

5.  Leaders take responsibility and ensure things get done; not wait around for someone else to act and blame others.

6.  Leaders address areas of concern timely; not ignore things and allow problems to magnify.

7.  Leaders narrow everyone’s focus to meaningful things that impact results; not complain about things outside their control.

8.  Leaders find ways to be successful; not accept average results.

9.  Leaders focus on long-term, sustainable solutions; not temporary “fixes”.

10.  Leaders bring people together and bring out the best in everyone; not isolate people and allow divisions in the group.

If you feel like you aren’t making progress with others, take a self assessment on the items above.  It may just change the way you approach your role.

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