No Resolutions this Year

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Most of these resolutions are not maintained because of unrealistic expectations, a poor plan, or just no accountability. However, I am a fan of renewal, re-starts, and new beginnings and those can take place any time.

In consideration of the leadership progression that I have shared before (shown below), please give consideration to the three key questions that follow:

Leadership Progression:
1. Define your purpose. What’s the real meaning behind what we are doing? When we define purpose with “who” rather than just “what”, purpose goes to a much deeper level.
2. Narrow the focus. What are the few key essentials for success? What must happen and can’t be compromised under any circumstance?
3. Simplify the process. Simplification drives execution. Remove distractions and set your team up for success.
4. Communicate broadly. You can’t succeed without others and others need to know what’s important.
5. Build a culture (of engagement and accountability). You obviously want sustainability; no better way to sustain success than through engagement and accountability.

Question 1: Have you clearly defined the “who” in your purpose?
Question 2: What’s the one thing you need to eliminate that would have the biggest favorable impact on those you lead?
Question 3: What’s the one thing, if you started doing it, that would change everything for the better?

Those are three questions that I have been asking myself in all situations of life over the past few years. Whether you are talking about having influence at work, at home, in the community, etc., those three questions should continually be asked.

Be a leader with purpose, be honest with yourself, and be more impactful in 2020.

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