A Year Worth It

I recently watched a movie over the holidays titled “The Secret – Dare to Dream”.  That movie had several scenes and statements that were pretty profound.  One of these statements from a main character was, “I am not asking for life to be easy, but I do want to know that it’s worth it”.  You don’t have to know the plot of the movie to relate to that comment. 

We have all just come through a very difficult year and have many of those same challenges facing us in 2021.  I know my list of concerns that I reflect on early every morning just seems to get longer!  So life is not easy right now for any of us, but that’s not the point.  The point is to ensure, in light of what we are going through, the impact we are having as leaders make it worth it. 

With that framework in mind, here are a few thoughts for all of those in leadership roles to consider as we start a new year:

  1. Do something hard every day.  Several years ago, I started getting up at 5AM to workout.  Those workouts have a predefined objective to ensure I push myself to be uncomfortable every day.  You see, not only do I want to get the benefit of regular exercise, but I want to continue being comfortable with being uncomfortable.  That hard task every morning sets the tone for the rest of the day.  Your focus may be something other than an early morning workout, but there is benefit for a leader to embrace hard things daily to develop the habit of addressing challenges!  You pick what you do, but do something hard daily!  Be uncomfortable in 2021.
  2. Encourage someone daily.  Several years ago, I put a list of people in my phone that I thought might need encouragement in a specific area of their life.  I review this list daily to see who I can call, text, schedule a meeting with, etc. to be an encouragement for them.  I have added to that list over the years, and it is quite extensive today.  As a leader, make a point to encourage someone every day.  That single act alone may lead to that day being worth it.  Be an encourager in 2021.
  3. Invest in yourself regularly.  I try to read, listen to podcasts, or find some ways to continue to learn and grow as a leader each week.  We don’t ever need to quit learning or growing.  If we stop growing, we are losing ground.  Nothing stays the same; we either grow or die.  Think of it this way:  We lead and benefit others out of the overflow in our lives.  If we are running on empty, we have nothing to share and nothing to impact others.  Fill your tank regularly this year.  Be an investor in 2021.

As you can see, this message is really for anyone, but I do want to focus on the leadership aspect as that factor enables us to impact others.  Life will bring challenges at times.  Life and work will not be easy.  The real question we have to ask ourselves:  Is It Worth It?  Let’s make sure we can answer that with a yes for 2021!

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