New Year – Same Challenges

For many of us, we used to think of the new year being a time for New Year’s resolutions and making some improvements in our life.  It was also an opportunity for a fresh start with new goals and a chance to essentially start over.  With all that has gone on the past few years, I think some of that thinking has really been diminished.  In reality, the new year on the calendar really hasn’t changed much.  The same challenges and problems that we faced in December are still there!  There actually may be more issues for many of us.

For that matter, how many of those old New Year’s resolutions were really kept anyway?

Let me share just a couple of thoughts on the new year for you to consider:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, take a quick review of last year.  Evaluate how you did in key areas of your life that are important to you, including your leadership of others.  We need to regularly stop and evaluate.  A new year is a good time to do that.  Give yourself an honest assessment of how you are doing in those key areas.
  2. Once you have taken that look back and made that assessment, that’s it for last year.  Those are memories now and not something we are going to let hinder us going forward.  Don’t let last year’s disappointments or struggles hinder your focus this year. Learn from the past but don’t let the past harm the present.
  3. Evaluate what you may need to do differently this year to move toward the results you want.  Spend some time here.  Results don’t just appear, but rather are the outcomes of some very intentional decisions and commitment over time. 
  4. Think in terms of what is the one thing you need to focus on in the next 90 days to make a noticeable, impactful improvement in a key area of your life.  Notice I said one thing.  Being very specific and targeted at one key area that would possibly change your life. 

While the above is applicable to anyone reading this message, for those desiring to be more effective in leading others, go back and work through those four steps focusing specifically on your leadership of others.  Identify key areas, evaluate last year’s performance, adjust where needed, put the past behind you,  and find that one thing to focus on to make meaningful impact.

Hey, I know we have many things to deal with every day; however, if we can just find that one thing to attack over the next 90 days, our chances of making a real difference as a leader will be much greater! 

So what’s the one thing in the next 90 days that you could really attack that would change things dramatically for those you lead?  Is it a staffing issue?  Is it the culture in your work environment?  Is it a reliability issue?  It could be any number of things.  Identify what your focus needs to be and then attack it with relentless focus with your team.  If you approached each 90 day period in 2022 with that level of intentional focus with your team, regardless of what 2022 holds for us, it will be one outstanding year for you as a leader!

For a copy of the book “Leadership Basics for Success” see: and search for the title.  I wrote this short book several years ago to be used in supervisor leadership development.

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